Frightful Photo Friday:The Victorian Era’s Hidden Mothers


In last week’s photo installment we talked about The Myths Surrounding Post Mortem Photography. Today, we’re going to continue in this same time frame of the Victorian era and daguerreotype photography, but instead of the dead, we’re going to focus on the most energetic and lively of people: children.

As we learned in last week’s article, daguerreotype photography takes a long time to process, and the person posing for the photograph has to stand as still as humanly possible, or else the exposure will turn out blurry. (Hence the invention of the posing stands, which have since been passed around the internet as supposed “dead-body posing stands.”)

With infant mortality rates as such a high, then, it would make sense for parents and families to want to photograph their children, to immortalize them while they were alive, in case something happened where the child then passed away. Then, they would at least have something to remember them by.

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