Frightful Photo Friday: The History of Spirit Photography


When you hear the term Spirit Photography, your first instinct might be to immediately begin picturing ghost hunting shows on TV, or those orbs you once caught on your camera while touring a haunted house.

But in reality, Spirit Photography usually refers to one certain period of time when photography was still in its infancy, and people were just starting to realize its potential– whether that be for fun or frights.

As you might’ve read in my HJ introductory post, I’m a giant geek for Ghost Adventures. The love-hate I feel for that show knows no bounds– but whether or not it’s fake, whether or not everything out of Zak Bagans’ mouth is just an act, it still intrigues the hell out of me. Particularly when they spend episodes trying out new technology, like this state-of-the-art EVP experiment device designed by Bill Chappell…

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