About Me



I go by a lot of names, but in freelance writing you’ll find me under either Kelsey or Nico (particularly for the more ~sensitive~ topics I’m not yet ready to discuss with the conservatives in my family).

In relation to the art world, my moniker is panicward, and you can find my art on tumblr and deviantart! I’m also in the process of querying agents for a scifi book I wrote about aliens and evangelion robots, so that’s cool.

I graduated from Boise State University in Boise, Idaho, with a degree in Visual Arts. Idaho is my heart and homeland, and the reason I refer to myself so often as a “country bumpkin.”

I regularly try to post stuff on Weds/Thurs, but occasionally the mood will hit and I’ll do something else off schedule. I mostly communicate through sarcasm, salty language, and reaction gifs.